I remember back in the day (a Wednesday by the way) when I was scuttling through my lesson plan books, during Methods and Student Teaching placements, one night and wondering what cutting edge educational tool I could use with my students that would totally engage them and still not lose the educational content focus. I fired up my roommates desktop to go searching the web for a resource that could help me teach the -at word family via a story. Somehow I came across a website that just started that year called Starfall. Long story short, the lesson was a hit and I became a lifelong fan of the Starfall site development.

That was some years ago and from that moment until this past school year, I have used Starfall in a variety of ways in my 1st grade classroom. Although the whole site is worth bookmarking and using frequently I am going to talk specifically about the usefulness of the site for my 1st graders this year in particular.

As seen in the screen shot, Starfall does a fine job with the early morning routine that is commonplace in America’s classrooms. After years of working through the rigors of keeping a calendar routine lively the whole year through, I thought I would try to be a little more modern this year. This school year we instituted a calendar helper once a day to run calendar from the Smart Board for the whole class to watch. Once the student ran through the calendar routine they were allowed to pick one story from Starfall to read to the class for that morning. This made for quite an interesting year and I believe that this routine has found its way into my personal class routine every year now.

As with all of the posts that will be listed on this Blog, the site above is listed and categorized within the Moodle Companion Site. At the end of each post I will be listing exactly where to find this resource within the Moodle Companion Site.

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Starfall – Reading Literacy

Please share your experiences with this resource in your own classroom with all of us in the comments section!

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